The father said
They connect like this:
Blue to blue, edge to edge, see how that curve fits that piece and that other one, how it wraps around.
You can start with four corners
Work your way in
Look how I’ve made a bit of sky.

The boy nodded his head.
And began to understand,
Saw sand and water and a seagull flying into the sun

The father said
You go ahead now
I have other things to do.

And the boy prepared to work
And between his fingers the weight of cardboard
And in his eyes lines connecting,
In ears the whispering click
The coming perfection of shape meeting shape

You might imagine it spread out before you
The chaos of some perfect pattern
And reaching out you push sand into water
Drag water into sky
Take up all the air
Drown the seagull as it burns.

The boy heard the front door close
Heard the noise go too.
Held in each trembling hand a piece of the puzzle
Eyes closed, head tucked like a bird
Cheek to water
Waiting to drown.